As a special needs program assistant, I have witnessed numerous ways that Geotran has assisted students since I have incorporated it.  I have seen students increase their potential to be able to read, write, and understand math and science concepts with greater ease. The work has assisted them in destressing issues that limit them from attempting assignments. It has allowed them to clear blocks relative to self-esteem issues in learning and life. This language has allowed me to support those who are learning and has supported me in my own learning tremendously. I have been able to clear my own issues around dyslexia and comprehension, therefore, I am now able to own the Joy of learning myself and share it with others.  I love how I have been able to incorporate this in my work and personal life.

It is a very practical and easy to use in every area. What a wonderful gift this is.  It has changed my life and those I serve.

– Joan M