Stress To Success
In A Minute Or Less®


If you are on this page, you want to see how quickly and easily it is to move from Stress to Success In A Minute or Less®.

First- a little background.

Each of us have been created for success.

Problem: We are so inundated with information coming from multiple sources 24 hours a day: TV, cell phones, internet, people, places, things, environmental and generational. Not to mention the effect past and present experiences or traumas have on top of it. It is like being constantly exposed to garbage and pollution. Our ability to be our best self at the deepest level is thwarted by the stress of it all.


All that we have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience is stored in our memory banks, also known as memory fields or information fields.

You can clear stress and trauma on a physical level, or on an emotional level, however, if you don’t clear it on the memory field level, the memory imprint of it will still be there and the pattern of it will attract more of the same in some area of your life.

The field is the master controller that tells the brain what to do and what the results in your life will be. HEALTHY BRAIN, HEALTHY YOU!

The field holds all information, past, present and future. There are access centers called spin points on the field that run in, through and around the body.

We use the stress indicator test/muscle test, a gentle technique to determine the brains response to the challenged points. Stress or no stress, switched on or switched off.

The success point we will demonstrate is one of the spin points. When the point is challenged, and the body switches off when muscle tested. What that tells us is, you are out of choice, there is stress, and there is a subconscious tape running causing actions contrary to desire. You want to succeed, yet the opposite is occurring.

When your success point is off and you are doing business, working with clients, or learning and taking instruction-there is no way you can follow through. The subconscious tape stating the alternate to success will be overriding your choice to succeed in that moment.

For the purpose of demonstration in the attached video clip, we will show a brief demonstration of muscle testing. We then will muscle test to see if the person is switched on for success. It is like doing a viral scan on a computer. In other words, can the brain do what it is supposed to do? If not, we will do a correction and the brain then can access the new information “I Choose to Succeed” instead of the sabotaging subconscious tape. Your choice is restored.

Watch the video here to witness moving from Stress to Success In A Minute Or Less®

Was that fast enough?

At this point you might be thinking ‘how did that happen?’

The “HOW” is using Geotran™, a digital numeric geometric language that speaks directly to and is understood by the memory fields.

It is a simple, elegant language you can use to re-instruct your information field with what you choose to be.

You can create success, joy, and abundance in any area of your life.

How people function today without this work is a mystery. It is like running a computer system without the protection of a viral scan program or attempting to build a house without tools.

Most people are coping rather than truly living.

We are wired to be happy, healthy, and prosperous, thriving on all levels; yet that does not appear to be the reality for most.

This world system has way too much influence on the results in our lives. We are here to tell you it does not have to be that way.

Under all the stress, all past hurts and fears, and all the outside hindrances and influences, there is YOU- the TRUE YOU that has always been there.

AND NOW, we are offering you the way to get out from under and begin to free yourself up to live above and succeed.

Join us for The Introductory Course to The Gems of Excellence- A Brain Mind Course for Successful Living. In this course, we will share more about the Field, the Brain, and Geotran™. You will learn corrections you can use on yourself daily to easily and rapidly:

  • Switch on your success button for any area of your life
  • Restore balance
  • Energize your brain
  • Switch on your hearing
  • Stay in the Now
  • Clear fear, anger and being uncentered
  • Remove past and present memory of trauma
  • Clear any stress and stress-related issue easily
  • Clear memory of accident and loss
  • Destress emotions
  • And much much more

Dorothy Espiau is the creator of GeoTran™ and the author of The Gems of Excellence and numerous other programs that use the language of Geotran™ to correct the mis-information processed by us from the memory fields, thus creating the reality we live.

Brian and Caroline trained with Dorothy for over 15 years, and have been directly certified by her as instructors of her materials.
She was not only their teacher, she was also their mentor and dear dear friend.

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I’m so grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a Gems of Excellence in 2009. The feeling of lightness, general relief and overall happiness I can still remember to this day. There was a weight on my chest that I didn’t realize was there until it wasn’t! I am an RN and at the time I was dealing with a negative outlook, stress and burnout from my experience in a busy emergency department.  I continue to use the work daily to keep myself on an even keel in the moment quickly and easily, whenever a sense of un-ease begins to creep in, or the effects of …

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The work has given me the tools to daily: Avoid distractions allowing me to focus and meet all deadlines with ease. Be alert and aware to effectively respond to whatever comes up in my day.  Enhance my written and verbal communication skills. Attract opportunities and people who support my vision and goals. Be pro-active rather than reactive. Mostly, it has given me the tools to take responsibility for my life and know I am a valuable employee. I know this work has contributed to success in my business life because I see the results: I have received a substantial raise in pay. I receive continued feedback of how much the …

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Gems of Excellence is one of the most profound, brilliant works, I’ve ever learned. Personal development has been a part of my life for decades. Upon completion of Gems I and II, I told Caroline and Brian, I believe this work literally saved my life. In my opinion, this should be the first works we learn, as it allows one to more effectively use everything else. I use this work every single day. Truly grateful for the Blessing. Thank you Dorothy Espiau and Caroline and Brian. – Betty A

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I want to thank you both for your assistance in keeping the big picture alive and moving forward as I know how easy it is to get bogged down by the day to day things. (I had worked with someone in the marketing side of things earlier this year that really was not worth it in all the aspects that entails). You both stand out by leaps and bounds! I love the great, new, fresh ideas without feeling pressured. You make what may seemingly be difficult decisions easy to make. Thank you for all you do. – Andrea L BScPT

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I’m appreciative of your directness and clarity and gentleness and honesty and simple approach. I love hearing the wisdom of both of your direct experiences. – Moni V

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As a special needs program assistant, I have witnessed numerous ways that Geotran has assisted students since I have incorporated it.  I have seen students increase their potential to be able to read, write, and understand math and science concepts with greater ease. The work has assisted them in destressing issues that limit them from attempting assignments. It has allowed them to clear blocks relative to self-esteem issues in learning and life. This language has allowed me to support those who are learning and has supported me in my own learning tremendously. I have been able to clear my own issues around dyslexia and comprehension, therefore, I am now able …

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