The work has given me the tools to daily:

  • Avoid distractions allowing me to focus and meet all deadlines with ease.
  • Be alert and aware to effectively respond to whatever comes up in my day. 
  • Enhance my written and verbal communication skills.
  • Attract opportunities and people who support my vision and goals.
  • Be pro-active rather than reactive.

Mostly, it has given me the tools to take responsibility for my life and know I am a valuable employee.
I know this work has contributed to success in my business life because I see the results:

  • I have received a substantial raise in pay.
  • I receive continued feedback of how much the business has changed and improved since I have been in my position for only a year.
  • Strong team of co-workers that support my vision and collaborate with me to achieve those goals.
  • My position title has been upgraded from Program Director to Executive Director in just one year of employment.

– Debra R