Brian & Caroline Shearer

Brian and Caroline have diverse backgrounds in business and personal development.  Though they did not cross paths for years, they discovered they have led very parallel lives.

Each have owned and sold successful businesses in the oil and gas industry, traveled, and have studied numerous healing modalities and programs.

When their paths converged, they discovered they had similar interests personally and professionally.  First and foremost, their Christian faith.  Secondly, their desire to fulfill their life purposes by helping others excel in BUSINESS and improve their PERSONAL lives.

They have extensively traveled the country, speaking, consulting and facilitating seminars.  In 2016, they decided to take a 4 year hiatus to deal with unforeseen family and personal issues.

The time has come again for them to ramp up.  They believe we live in very interesting times, and in order to live a full life, it is essential that the desires and dreams of the individual break out of the mundane, into the extra-ordinary.  It is imperative that people engage in what it is they are here to fulfill.  This world needs it.

Brian’s expertise is his innate ability to see the big picture and the possibilities for what it is a person wants to create.  He knows the “HOW TO” to get there quickly and most importantly competently.

Caroline’s expertise is empowering individuals to take the next steps required to move forward.  She intrinsically sees the potential of individuals and believes every person has a purpose.  They matter.  Their message matters.  What they are here to fulfill matters.

Brian and Caroline have co-founded SHEARER GLOBAL, a Canadian based company, dedicated to empowering people to empower themselves.

Each bring more than 25 years of teaching, training, and mentoring others to develop their own success stories.

Whether business or personal, participants come away with clarity, energy, improved performance, success, and practical solutions with lasting results.

Clients have coined them the “GO TO’s” for clear, cut-to-the-chase, breakthrough, Can-Do sessions and seminars.  Transforming what does not work to what does work is their specialty.

You are invited to join them in creating a world where everyone wins!

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